ISMS Policy

Since DCR was established in 1969, our mind has been set on that it is essential for us, as an information service provider, to ensure information security through our provision of information systems and system establishment assistance to our customers. Here we declare our basic policy of ISMS (information security management system) in order for all employees of our company to boost their awareness of information security and conduct themselves accordingly.

  1. We establish a system for continuing the maintenance and improvement of information security.
  2. We formulate regulations for ensuring information security, and observe them.
  3. We make an appropriate risk assessment to protect the information assets of our customers from information security threats. Particularly, we take the information, operational data, technical data, personal data, etc. of our customers as important information, and take appropriate security measures against the leak, loss, destruction, falsification, etc. of such information.
  4. We review, improve and maintain the ISMS at regular intervals.
  5. We provide an appropriate education in the ISMS to our employees to boost their awareness of the system.
  6. We observe the requirements as to the protection of intellectual property right (e.g., copyright) and personal data, the laws and regulations for our business, and the contracts with our customers, business partners and employees.
  7. We apply penalties under our office regulations to those who have violated any of this basic policy and the ISMS.
  8. We take measures quickly against any incidence or accident related to information security, analyze its cause, and take recurrence preventive measures and precautions.

Established on: February 27, 2015
Date revised: April 1, 2024
Nobukazu Ikegaya, President