President’s Greeting

  • We at DCR take it “our duty” to grow together with our customers and contribute to society.

    Since our foundation in 1969, we have made it our motto to “think, act and review.” By taking advantage of our rich experience, which we can because we are a self-funding company, we have served to the development of industry and contributed to society.

    Recent years, social environment has changed to a great extent as seen in the expansion of cloud service and big-data market and the development of globalization. As the change goes, there is an increase in risk like never before, such as the leak of personal information and confidential information, and advanced security measures to counter these risks are urgently needed.

    In these surroundings, we pledge that we will provide a wealth of know-how that we have accumulated and our sincere service to our customers, and put forth a proposal for the configuration of a high-quality system of our original. Making a contribution to the development of industry in this way is what we consider as the mission of DCR.

    Considering “our people as our treasure,” we at DCR will work hard to keep growing without being content with the existing condition.
    Along with globalization that is expected to develop further, all the DCR group members pledge that we will aim and challenge ourselves to be a company who can contribute to society by devoting all our energies and win the confidence of our customers in us, and thereby we will keep growing.

    President:Mr.Nobukazu Ikegaya