Company Profile

Company History

December, 1969 Daiichi Keisan Inc. is established
October, 1973 Set up Osaka office
April, 1974 Set up Tokyo Branch
July, 1974 Daiichi Keisan Inc. is renamed as DAIICHI COMPUTER RESOURCE CO.,LTD.
May, 1975 The data punch work department split from DCR and become the first subsidiary company named Daiichi Data service Co., Ltd.
October, 1980 Daiichi System Engineering Co., Ltd. was established to provide aerospace and airplane technology development services
June, 1983 Invested from Nagoya Small and Medium Business Investment & Consultation Co., Ltd.
September, 1983 Set up Hamamatsu office
April, 1984 Set up Fukuoka office
April, 1989 Increased capital to 100 million yen
Osaka office was raised to Osaka Branch
February, 1992 The first contract for agency in Japan between Oracle Corp. Japan
April, 1992 Daiichi Data Service Co., Ltd. merged into DAIICHI COMPUTER RESOURCE CO.,LTD.
October, 1996 Oracle Japan authorized training center set up in Nagoya head office
March, 1997 Increased capital to 279 million yen
April, 1998 Daiichi Outsourcing Co., Ltd (DOC Co., Ltd) is established
April, 1999 Daiichi Outsourcing Tokyo Co., Ltd (DOT Co., Ltd) is established
February, 2001 Obtained ISO9001 (SGS/J/325/01) certification
October, 2002 Beijing Daiichi Computer Resource Technology Co., Ltd is established
January, 2005 We have been certified and granted the Privacy Mark.
October, 2007 DPS Co., Ltd is established
July, 2008 Myanmar DCR Co., Ltd is established
February, 2010 THAI DCR Co., Ltd is established
March, 2016 Obtained ISO/IEC27001 (JUSE-IR-344) certification
April, 2017 Set up Sendai office
January, 2018 DOC Co., Ltd. and DOT Co., Ltd. merged, Business name changed to Daiichi Communication Trust Co., Ltd.