Company Profile

Environmental Policy

Basic Philosophy

DAIICHI COMPUTER RESOURCE CO.,LTD. recognizes the approach to the protection of the global environment as one of the important issues for all human beings. Based on this recognition, we aim at the realization of a sustainable society by promoting the reduction of environmental load generated by our own business activities and, on the other hand, contributing to the reduction of environmental load generated by our customers and entire society through the provision of our IT solution service.

In order to hand over the beautiful, richly green nature to the next generation, all the member companies and individual employees of our group will work altogether using our inventiveness to continue our approach to the reduction of environmental load.


Behavioral guidelines

  1. We will put our efforts into the reduction of environmental load in order to preserve the global environment and prevent environmental contamination by making the following to happen:
    ・Provision to our customers of our IT solution service that can contribute to the reduction of environmental load,
    ・Reduction of electricity and other energy consumption in order to prevent the global warming,
    ・Reduction of paper consumption in order to protect forest and other natural resources,
    ・Promotion of resource recycle and reduction of waste volume by completely implementing the separate collection of waste in order to make the effective use of resources,
    ・Procurement of environmentally-friendly products (green procurement), and
    ・Promotion of environmental volunteer activities and external environmental preservation activities including those at home.
  2. We will set the environmental objective and goal, review them at regular intervals, and keep improving our environmental management system.
  3. We will abide by the laws and regulations for environmental preservation, and other requirements on which we have agreed.
  4. We will disseminate our environmental policy among our employees for thorough compliance by them, enhance their awareness of environmental protection, and, at the same time, request our business partners for understanding our environmental preservation activities and cooperation with us in regards to this point.

August 29, 2014
Masahiro Ikegaya President

Climate Change Campaign, "Fun to Share"

Having approved the climate change campaign called "Fun to Share" aiming to realize a low-carbon society under the auspice of the Ministry of Environment, Government of Japan, DCR is positively promoting the campaign through the sharing of the information, technique and wisdom in order to build an affluent low-carbon society, and also utilize the shared information, technique and wisdom.